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Monday, October 6, 2014

Syllabus of RRB section Engineer and JE

Posted By: Gateway Educare - 10/06/2014
Total no of question asks by RRB in both for SSE and JE is 150, out of these 90s questions from Technical and general science and others 60s from not technical questions.
So No’s of Question from technical + general science =90
                                                                                                             +          = total 150 questions in 120 minute
No’s of questions from non-technical are                      =60
Syllabus for non-technical
 In non-technical portion mainly contains 1.) General Awareness, 2.) Arithmetic, 3.) General Intelligence and Reasoning.
LCM and HCM, Profit and Loss, Ratio and Proportion, Partnership, Percentage, Average and Age Related Problems, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Allegation or Mixture, Time and Work etc.
General Intelligence and Reasoning:
There is a two section 1.) Verbal Section and others is 2.) Non-verbal Section
1,) Verbal Section: Analogy or Similarity, Classification, Series, Coding-Decoding, Distance and Direction, Blood Relation, Problem Solving, Scheduled Day/Date/Time, Symbol and Notation, Statements and Conclusions.
2. Non-verbal: Fundamental Facts, Series, Classification, Analogy, Paper Foldings and Cuttings, Water Image and Mirror Image, Completion of Figural Pattern.
General Awareness:
They ask 15-20 questions from GA.
Generally ask from recent event, sport, politics, defense, award, film, record,   book’s writer, Indian history, Indian geography, Indian culture, Indian polity, Indian economy, biology.
Syllabus for Technical Section:
In technical portion, there is a two portion one is general science and other is subjective.
General Science: For JE is limited to only class 10th syllabus. So be careful about class 10th syllabus mainly Physical Science, Mathematics and Chemistry of class 10th.

For SSE , there is class 12th syllabus which include Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Here Physics and Mathematics very importance subject because of most of ask from these subjects.
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