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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Power plant Technology by M.M. El-Wakil

Posted By: Study Guide - 11/01/2014

Title of the book: Power plant Technology
Authors: M.M. El-Wakil
Edition: 2nd
Publishers: McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0-07-Y66274-6
Pages: 878
Chapters: 17
Files type: PDF
File size: 24 MB
A thermodynamics review
A rankine cycle
Fossil fuel stream generators
Fuels and combustion
The condensate feed water system
The circulating water system
Gas turbine and combined system
Principle of nuclear energy
Thermal fission reactor and powerplants
First- breeder reactor and powerplants
Geothermal energy
Solar energy
Wind energy
Energy from ocean
Energy storage
Environmental aspect of power generation

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