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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications (McGraw-Hill International Editions Mathematics Series)Authors: Hassan El-Hofy

Posted By: Study Guide - 5/30/2015

Title of the book: Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications (McGraw-Hill International Editions Mathematics Series)Authors: Hassan El-Hofy
Edition: 7th
Publishers: McGraw-Hill
ISBN-10: 0071167560
Pages: 832
Files type: PDF
File size:

All four editions of Rosen's book with much success with mathematics and computer science students in discrete mathematics courses for over ten years. Discrete mathematics should not be approached as a cookbook subject, and Rosen does not take a cookbook approach to the material in his book. Students are not spoonfed; they need to work carefully through the text. Rosen is very successful in helping students learn to think mathematically. Students who are serious about their study of discrete mathematics and computing will profit greatly from working through many of the more than 650 well-chosen examples and applications, ranging from easy to difficult. The new fourth edition has added many new applications, including system specifications, Web searching, and the reve's puzzle. The exercises (over 3000) are unequaled in any other discrete mathematics textbook --- they range from elementary and routine to very challenging. Answers to odd-numbered problems are in the back of the book. The new accompanying Web site includes over 250 additional exercises with answers; its many features are certainly worth exploring. A very student-friendly Student Solutions Guide provides detailed solutions to the odd-numbered exercises with much additional information on the material and how to approach it. Especially noteworthy is a companion paperback, "Applications of Discrete Mathematics" (McGraw-Hill, 1991) edited by J. Michaels and K. Rosen, consisting of 24 chapters, each devoted to an interesting application of discrete mathematics and well-suited to either classroom coverage or individual reading; some examples are bin packing, coding theory, Catalan numbers, legislative apportionment, network survivability, graph multicoloring.

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