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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Digital Signal Processing by C. Ramesh Babu Durai

Posted By: Microtronics Group - 11/26/2015

Title of the book: Digital Signal Processing
Authors: C. Ramesh Babu Durai
Edition: 1st
Publishers: Laxmi Publications (P) LTD
ISBN: xxx
Pages: 303
Chapters: 9
Files type: PDF
File size: 12.2 MB
Applications of Digital Signal Processing
Discrete Time Systems
Frequency Domain Characteristics or Discrete-Time System
Frequency Analysis of Signals
Discrete Fourier Transform
Digital Processing of Continuous Signals
Digital Filter Structures
Digital Filter Design
Examination Question Papers

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  1. thanks a lot guys really good and helpful site i am also sending all books i have to u

  2. Its a fake site with no book at all. If you double click you'll click the add and he'll earn money. I am glad that I have an ad blocker so I didn't click this link. Anyways, I've added this site to my universities firewall so it wont be accidentally opened by students here.


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