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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Specifications of Antennas and Wave Propagation by Ronald J Marhefka, Ahmad S Khan, John D Kraus

Posted By: Microtronics Group - 11/26/2015

Title of the book: Specifications of Antennas and Wave Propagation
Authors: Ronald J Marhefka, Ahmad S Khan, John D Kraus
Edition: 2nd
Publisher: Mcgraw Hill Education
ISBN: 0-07-035422-7
Pages: 880
Chapters: 25
Files type: PDF
File size: 17.6 MB
Antenna Basics
The Antenna Family
Point Sources and Their Arrays
Electric Dipoles, Thin Linear Antennas and Arrays of Dipoles and
Loop, Slot and Horn Antennas
Helical Antennas
Reflector Antennas
Lens Antennas
Broadband and Frequency-Independent Antennas
The Cylindrical Antenna and the Moment Method (MM)
Frequency-Selective Surfaces and Periodic Structures
Micro-strip Antennas
Antennas for Special Applications
Practical Design Considerations of Large Aperture Antennas
Antenna Temperature, Remote Sensing and Radar
Cross Section
Self and Mutual Impedances
The Fourier Transform Relation between Aperture Distribution and Far-Field Pattern
Antenna Measurements
Basics of Wave Propagation
Ground Wave Propagation
Space Wave Propagation
Sky Wave Propagation

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  1. i am geting another book instead of antennas and wave propogation byjohn d kraus


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