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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Semiconductors Nano structures by Thomas Ihn

Posted By: Study Guide - 1/02/2016

Title of the book: Semiconductors Nano structures
Authors: Thomas Ihn
Publishers: Oxford
ISBN: 978–0–19–953443–2
Pages: 569
Files type: PDF
File size: 9.03 MB
Semiconductor crystals
Band structure
Envelope functions and effective mass approximation
Material aspects of heterostructures, doping, surfaces, and gating
Fabrication of semiconductor nanostructures
Electrostatics of semiconductor nanostructures
Quantum mechanics in semiconductor nanostructures
Two-dimensional electron gases in heterostructures
Diffusive classical transport in two-dimensional electron gases
Ballistic electron transport in quantum point contacts
Tunneling transport through potential barriers
Multiterminal systems
Interference effects in nanostructures I
Diffusive quantum transport
Magneto transport in two-dimensional systems
Interaction effects in diffusive two-dimensional electron transport
Quantum dots
Coupled quantum dots
Electronic noise in semiconductor nanostructures
Interference effects in nanostructures II

Quantum information processing

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