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Friday, May 19, 2017

Light Emitting Diodes by E. Fred Schubert (ebook)

Posted By: Study Guide - 5/19/2017

Title of the book: Light Emitting Diodes
Authors: E. Fred Schubert
Edition: 2nd
Publishers: Cambridge University Press
Pages:  434
Chapters: 24
Files type: PDF
File size: 17.5 MB

Book Chapters:

Ø  History of light-emitting diodes
Ø  Radiative and non-radiative recombination
Ø  Theory of radiative recombination
Ø  LED basics: Electrical properties
Ø  LED basics: Optical properties
Ø  Junction and carrier temperatures
Ø  High internal efficiency designs
Ø  Design of current flow
Ø  High extraction efficiency structures
Ø  Reflectors
Ø  Packaging
Ø  Visible-spectrum LEDs
Ø  The AlGaInN material system and ultraviolet emitters
Ø  Spontaneous emission from resonant cavities
Ø  Resonant-cavity light-emitting diodes
Ø  Human eye sensitivity and photometric qualities
Ø  Colorimetry
Ø  Planckian sources and color temperature
Ø  Color mixing and color rendering
Ø  White-light sources based on LEDs
Ø  White-light sources based on wavelength converters
Ø  Optical communication
Ø  Communication LEDs
Ø  LED modulation characteristics

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  1. I am in class 12 and preparing for the IIT JEE
    . I want to submit the project on LED (Light Emitting Device). Can you suggest me some topics for my project.
    I am planning for "How a LED works – Light Emitting Diode working"
    What are other topics..

  2. This is really somethink interesting



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