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Monday, October 9, 2017

Project management by Erik W. Larson and Clifford F. Gray

Posted By: Study Guide - 10/09/2017

Title of the book: Project management –the managerial process
Authors: Erik W. Larson and Clifford F. Gray
Edition: 5th
Publishers: McGraw-Hill
Pages:  691
Chapters: 18
Files type: PDF
File size: 14.9 MB

Book Contents:

Ø  Modern Project Management
Ø  Organization Strategy and Project Selection  
Ø  Organization: Structure and Culture
Ø  Defining the Project
Ø  Estimating Project Times and Costs
Ø  Developing a Project Plan
Ø  Managing Risk
Ø  Scheduling Resources and Costs
Ø  Reducing Project Duration
Ø  Leadership: Being an Effective Project Manager
Ø  Managing Project Teams
Ø  Outsourcing: Managing Interorganizational Relations
Ø  Progress and Performance Measurement and Evaluation
Ø  Project Closure
Ø  International Projects
Ø  Oversight
Ø  An Introduction to Agile Project Management
Ø  Project Management Career Paths
Ø  One Solutions to Selected Exercises
Ø  Two Computer Project Exercises

Contributed by Himanshu Garg

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