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Monday, August 10, 2020

Download free ebook ‘Indian Art and Culture’ for PSC and UPSC exams

Posted By: Study Guide - 8/10/2020


Download ebook ‘Indian Art and Culture’ for civil services and other competitive examinations

Detail of the Book


Title of the book: Indian Art and Culture

Authors: Nitin Singhania

Edition: 3rd edition

Publishers: McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited

ISBN: xxx

Pages: 788

Chapters: 26

Files type: PDF

File size: 16.7 MB


Chapter 1 Indian Architecture, Sculpture and Pottery

Chapter 2 Indian Paintings

Chapter 3 Indian Handicrafts

Chapter 4 UNESCO’S List of World Heritage Sites in India

Chapter 5 Indian Music

Chapter 6 Indian Dance Forms

Chapter 7 Indian Theatre

Chapter 8 Indian Puppetry

Chapter 9 Indian Circus

Chapter 10 Martial Arts in India

Chapter 11 UNESCO’S List of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Chapter 12 Languages in India

Chapter 13 Religion in India

Chapter 14 Buddhism and Jainism 14.1-14.

Chapter 15 Indian Literature

Chapter 16 Schools of Philosophy

Chapter 17 Indian Cinema

Chapter 18 Science and Technology through the Ages

Chapter 19 Calendars in India

Chapter 20 Fairs and Festivals of India

Chapter 21 Awards and Honours

Chapter 22 Law and Culture

Chapter 23 Cultural Institutions in India

Chapter 24 Coins in Ancient and Medieval India

Chapter 25 Indian Culture Abroad

Chapter 26 India through the eyes of Foreign Travelers




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